Rule Book



The following rules and regulations have been adopted from both the FIM S1 Supermoto Championship Rules and FIM Regulations manuals. Some sections have been modified for adaptation to the SuperMotoEastCoast Championship Series.

Rules directed or related to safety are published to make all persons concerned with safety but SMEC, FIM, AMA or any other organization, warrants safety if the rules are followed nor compliance with an enforcement of the rules. Moreover, each participant in competition has the responsibility to assess the safety aspects of facilities and conditions, and must assume the risk of competition.

Motor vehicle mishaps, in competition or otherwise, can result in injury or death. Motor vehicles should never be used by minors without parental consent or supervision. Parents, legal guardians or authorized adults must remain present at all times during participation of any youth event.

When the rules or rulings are unclear we will refer to any of the following FIM manuals:

  1. FIM Sporting Code
  2. FIM SuperMoto Regulations
  3. FIM Motocross Technical Regulations
  4. FIM Disciplinary and Arbitration Code
  5. FIM SuperMoto Circuit Standards
  6. FIM Environmental Code
  7. FIM Medical Code
  8. FIM Anti-Doping Code
  9. FIM Annuaire
  10. FIM Organizer's Manual of the current year, as supplemented and amended from time to time (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "FIM SuperMoto World Championship Regulations").